The Primary School in Moravský Krumlov, Klášterní Street

Our school is located in a small town Moravský Krumlov which has got about 6000 inhabitants.It‘s an old building which was renovated 18 years ago. There are 21 classrooms including chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories. Of course there are two computer classrooms, music and art rooms and a gymnasium.For teaching languages there is a language lab which is equipped with various audio-visual aids, such as maps, a cassette recorder, an overhead projector, a screen, video, etc.
Our school attend 497 pupils from the age of 6 to 15. Lots of them come from nearby villages and commute to school by bus or by train. There are 49 employees, 35 of them are teachers – 29 women and 6 men. The full-time teaching load is 22 hours a week.
The school canteen is a part of our school as well, they provide 540 pupils of our school with lunch.
In our school operates an after-school care centre that takes care of children from the age of 6 to 11 after their lessons until 4 o‘clock when their parents come back from work and collect their children at school.Children can write their homework there and learn or the educators prepare interesting activities for them.
The older children take an active part in various clubs – e.g. aerobics, folk dance club taking part in important events of our town - and sports club concentrating especially on basketball..The parent-teacher association belonging to our school help with organization of each larger activity at school.
Our school cooperates with charity institution working close to children‘s oncology ward in hospital in Brno. Our children prepare entertaining program for sick children and give  them presents that they made themselves.
Except of it our children participate in couch trips abroad. We have already visited England, France – Paris, Austria and Italy and this school year we are going to Switzerland and the south of France.